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How to conceive a baby boy?

Topic: How to conceive a baby boy?


Have you been wondering before if there is anyway you can conceive a baby boy? Or have been wishing that you conceive for a baby boy?
Well here are some information that might help you on conceiving a baby boy. 

Note: These information are all based on scientific reasoning.

1. Have an Alkali rich diet -  having an alkali diet favors the sperms carrying Y chromosomes ( Y sperms are responsible for having a baby boy). And hence maintaining a high ph in your body helps the Y sperms to stay longer and swim faster.

There are several foods like banana redmeat etc. which contains a lot of sodium and potassium, it helps to keep the Ph level high which is required for having a baby boy.

2. Choose the intercourse position carefully - It doesn't occur all the time to all of us. It says that rear entry position helps to deposit the sperm as close as possible to the entry of cervix, so that the Y sperms has to cover a less distance and gets a head start.

3. Ask your partner to have coffee - Even though this has not been tested scientifically, many women have vouched the fact that it helps to conceive a boy. It is says that caffeine possibly helps sperm in some way.

4. Keep your partner away from heat - The Y sperms do not perform well and tends to die in heat. So it would be better, if your better half can wear boxers during conception period. It's also recommended to avoid hot bath for the same reason.