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Teaching your kids how to be thrifty

Topic: Teaching your kids how to be thrifty

If you want your child to grow responsible, one of the best thing you should teach them is  how to save money.

As soon as we started sending our children to school, sometimes some moms started giving their child some money as well aside from their pack lunch. 

And of course we do not want to give them too much money that they don't need.

When I was at the 1st grade, my mom used to give me a pocket money as well. But for some reason I am hesitant to spend those money that my mom was giving me. From there I learned how to save and how to be thrifty.

Even though my children are still young and don't understand what money is, I am now teaching them how to save each and every coins that I have left after grocery by letting them to put those coins to the piggy bank that I got somewhere.

Since then, every coins that they see on the floor or table, they automatically put it right into their piggy bank. smile 

If your child is matured enough to understand, you may inspire them to save up by telling that they can save money for something they really like or something they wanted to buy. For example they want a new shoes, you can tell them that by saving money they can buy the shoes that they really like. In my own opinion, children will become more appreciative by doing that. wink