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Teaching you child how to share

Topic: Teaching you child how to share

Teaching your child how to share is a bit challenging for a parent. Children have difficulties in sharing specially young children because it is a part of their development. And the first step in helping your child is to know this and teach him how to be generous.

Selfishness comes before sharing -The power to posses is a natural part of child's growing awareness. A one- year old child has difficulty of sharing her mommy; a four -year old child has difficulty of sharing her teddy bear and so on.

When to expect your child to share -You cannot expect a 2 1/2 year old child to easily accept sharing because children of their age are into parallel play. Playing alongside the other children but not playing with them.

But with your guidance and generosity, they can become a generous and three year or four year old child. They will learn how to cooperate and they will learn the value of sharing.

Don't force a child to share - Instead, create an attitude and environment that might encourage your child on wanting to share. To you a toy is just a "toy" but to your child, it is a valuable thing. Respect you child's normal possessiveness while you encourage and model sharing.

Get connected - A child gives as he is given to. It has been observed that children who received attachment parenting during the first two years of their life are more likely to become sharing children in the years to come, for two reasons; children who have been receiving end of generosity follow their model and also a child who feels right is more likely to share.

Model generosity when you teach your child how to share - It is very important that as a parent teaching your child about sharing, they should also see you doing the same thing. Because if you are teaching them how to share and they saw you as being selfish, you might be sending a different message to them.

Hope this could help! smile