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Flash Cards!

Topic: Flash Cards!


Let's talk Flash Cards! Using flash cards with your kids is a fun way for them to learn. Using repetition and showing them flash cards every day will help them remember and learn! In this post I want to go over the different types of flash cards that are available today.

For younger kids I love doing the colors and shapes flash cards (We found ours at the dollar store)! These cards help teach younger kids the simple shapes and basic colors. Most of these flash cards will have the words written on the as well spelling out the shape or color so it helps with reading too!

Number flash cards vary from just simple numbers pictured about and some range to the hundreds for kids in kindergarten. Using these on a daily basis will increase your kids knowledge of numbers and get them prepared for math in kindergarten.

Letter flash cards are great for teaching your kid the alphabet and making letter sounds. These are 2 key things your child will need to learn in order to read and spell things correctly. 

Word flash cards are great for younger kids to use while learning sight words. These are great to use with kids in pre-k to 2nd grade. 

Math flash cards are great for kids of all ages as they have multiplication, subtraction, adding, fractions and even decimals. Using these with kids they may struggle with a certain one can be a great help in moving them forward and making it easier. 

I hope you gained some awesome tips from above to help your little ones with learning and how awesome flash cards can be. They are also usually fairly cheap and easy to find!