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Topic: DVD vs VHS

Let's talk movies! We all have our childhood favorites that we love sharing with our kids (mines Harry Potter), but with all the new re-makes out, it just doesn't seem the same as our old VHS tapes with the original graphics. In this post I want to share some pro's and cons between DVD and VHS. Let's get started!

VHS has a lot of pros for kids, they are durable and not easily broken, they can be easy for younger kids who like to put movies in all by themselves and also they are fairly cheap now a days. Most Goodwill's and thrift stores sell them for .50 cents or less.
CONS, if the tape comes out of the VHS it can be difficult to put back in and may make the movie fuzzy, also a VHS player may be hard to come by.

DVD's have a lot of pro's such as bonus features, deleted scenes, and better quality graphics. Easier to transport and bring on the go with a travel sized DVD player. Small scratches can be easily repaired. 
CONS, they can be broken easy, scratches happen and can cause skipping or freezing of the movie, or losing the cases can lead to a damaged disc. Kids lose DVD's more than a VHS.

Whichever you may choose to use for you and your family (we use both) just remember, movie time is family time and that is an awesome bonding moment, your kids will love that you are sharing your childhood favorites with them and you can share laughs or tears together for an extra emotional connection.

I would love to hear some of your family's favorite movies to watch together so please leave a comment below!!