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Topic: Divorce


Going through a divorce when you have kids can be a hard struggle. I know this first hand. Your going to be angry and hurt and upset, but you have to remember that you have little eyes watching you and ears listening to you. Divorce is hard on the parents especially if they have been together a long time (Mine was 8 years). It is also hard on the child, because the child is used to having both parents around and most likely now will only have one at a time. That change causes many different feelings with in the child and some kids require counseling to get through it. 

When you go through divorce with kids, there is usually a custody battle, and those get nasty, try your best to keep this out of your kids knowledge because it can hurt them worse. My youngest daughter knows nothing of her father, we split before she was born, but my oldest daughter had a lot of trouble with the change. She is still in counseling to this day (2 years since break-up). 

Try to be as gentle as you can with your kids when it comes to them lashing out due to the change. My daughter would be crying most of the time, as well as have her moments of anger where she would scream at me and throw stuff, and mess up her room. Along with lashing out at school. 

It's important that you both have support during this time, whether it's from friends and family or from a counselor. My daughter and I both went to counseling in the beginning. It was very helpful for us going together and was a great emotional bonding experience that we hadn't had before.

Whatever your case may be, remember while going through this process to get support, show your children a gentle hand and try to get through it together, you will always be their favorite role model and they are always watching you.