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Should parents help with homework to a teenager?

Topic: Should parents help with homework to a teenager?

Are you helping to your teenager with homework?
How much should parents be involved in their homework? 
Some schools say we should help them if we helped them before and it worked well for our child. 
Some schools say they do not need parental help with the homework, they should manage it alone and ask for help only if they do not understand something. 


Also, not every parent can help. There are so little time and so much homework...

How can you help your teen develop good study habits?


Re: Should parents help with homework to a teenager?


Should parents help teenager with homework- Now I have two the oldest never wanted my help he hit sixteen and it was like I couldn't tell him anything I stayed in touch and was always informed by the teachers so that was a plus but he didn't want any help teenager favorite go to words I got this and by the senior year he just wanted to graduate and then had no idea what he was going to do. I tried to explain the homework and research for colleges and SAT and ACT was for that reason. I'm still proud of him he got a good job working for FEX and now he do his homework learning thing and applying what he learned to get notice for better position to move ahead with in the company now he see what I was saying when you grow up you are still going to be required to do homework to get ahead in life now for my second son he took to what I was saying to the oldest and he always asking me to help or listen to something because I would tell them I'm only helping so I can learn and pass on my knowledge as well as gaining some in site to what they know. Hey let your kids know you have been in their corner from day one cheering and guiding them because everything they do in high school they will use half or if not all in the real world some point in life. and I felt whether they let me help or not the option was on the table and as for the second son he's applying to colleges right now and I'm proud of him too so I truly feel it won't hurt to offer and see what happens.