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Teens and sex

Topic: Teens and sex

How many mom's are truly ready for that talk or haven't had the talk but know their teen is sexual active?

Facts- Most teens between thirteen and sixteen are sexual active or thinking about it. Also they have a higher STD rate and I believe that comes from them not being properly educated. Most of these teens feel oral sex is not sex wrong and on top of it all they have numerous sex partners . Fact by the time half or these teenager graduate they would have engaged in sexual intercourse or have became parents. Did you know most pubic school don't have a sex ed course anymore today health class discuss it a little but not how it should be and as parents we shouldn't relay on the school to educate our teens we should.

Educate- Parents continue to educate our babies, kid, and teen with each level of growth they will need to learn just a little bit more it never stops. At age thirteen start taking them to the family doctor, or local clinic start to get them tested. Even if they are not sexual active this will show them were to go and what to do whenever they decide to cross that bridge. Inform them with videos, and pamphlets on various STD let them know they can catch things from as little sharing a drink with a fiend that they didn't know is sexual active.

The Talk-  Myself I feel thirteen is a good age to start the talk and I would reintroduce the talk again at fifteen, and sixteen by doing so as parents I feel we can let our kids know we care about their health, life, and education girl or boy no one wants to be a teen parent being a teenage is hard enough