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Should six year old have cell phones

Topic: Should six year old have cell phones

Parents do we really know a good age for our children to have cellphones because these new millennial baby are way ahead of time but we as parents have a lot to worry about internet being the biggest thing, the camera phone, pop-ups, and texting so much technology in a six year old hand.  Now I do believe it can be a good thing parental tracking, if your six year old is a walker to school based on how close you live to it, and it also gives them a sense of safety, and maturity.

Age- Study show that kids ages 11 to 12 are good ages for kids to have phones but that was done before the 2000 now studies show the age has dropped down to as young as a six year old. Now my oldest two were born in the 90's and they didn't get a cellphone until they were 12 and 11 years of age but I must say I've fall a victim to this stereotype my other child came in 2000 and is 6 with a cellphone so there is some truth to that study. Now even though we give these younger kids phone doesn't mean they get the same limitation as older children have with their phones.

Limitation- As a parent I feel with every age there should be limitation to the using of cellphones, how much internet time, talk time, and game time a child of all age groups should have and they should understand why we are giving them phone and what we expect them to use it for.

Risk and conclusion- Cellphones have good and bad risks to kids of all ages and parents we need to monitor our kids on this device. Get the phone every night, search their browser, and history to all their favorite sites an make sure they never lock you out of a device if there not doing anything wrong then no need to lock it. But at then end it's every parent own judgment call, and choice only you know how mature your kids are, and when they are ready because cellphones cost and they need to be responsible.