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Taking Time for You (Mom)

Topic: Taking Time for You (Mom)

Being a mother, wife, daughter, friend, and entrepreneur all of these things make-up a women now days and because of this we need to step back and relax. Stop doing for everyone else and making sure their good by the time you do after school activities, cook, homework, clean, bath kids, put them to bed, and get husband your off to work, and manage bills the day is gone and your doing it all over again see my point.

Lack of me time- Do you know the kind of damage you can cause to yourself from not having self time it can effect your marriage, you can develop depression, stress, and nervous brake downs and these are just some unhealthy thing that could happen. Truth is you won't be a mom, daughter, or anything forever and if you base your life solely on these things alone when there gone what will you do? This is just something to think about. 

Why we need self time-  We need this time so we can have a better understanding of ourselves, it will make us more productive in daily activities, fix concentration, relationships with loved ones, and helps to reset the brain we are human not robots.

If you don't know were to start here are a few ways to get a jump on some of that mommy time. First try taking a nice warm bath with scented candles and flip through a magazine, a nice evening walk taking in God beautiful great outdoors, have lunch an drinks with a friend, or just pick one day out of the week or month were you do a hobby that you truly enjoy.