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Boys and Video Games

Topic: Boys and Video Games

Boys and video games when is it too much as parents we feel video games is like junk food or an addiction we see our kids on these games and they don't hear, see or move, nothing seems to exists around them so do you feel it does more bad then good that's the question?

Some studies and parents feel video games is a development of skills, a good use of the brain, as well as fine motor skills, eye coordination, memory, concentration, helps to react fast and think quickly, some even feel it teaches kid how to read, and show how learning could be fun.

But is playing video games healthy? Now that all depends on how parents look at it this could be away that kid relax from school or daily activities, or it could be a bad thing making our kids antisocial, teach violence, and bad language it can make the unhealthy like obesity, laziness, and withdrawn from life.

So as parents when is it too much, when do we limit how much of video game our boys play. We have to make them reconnect with society and let them know just as much time as the spend on the game the should spend doing other activities, like outdoor, television, reading, talking with friend, or just hanging out. We can also help by monitoring and limiting their playing time make them understand that their life just can't revolve around the video games.