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Preschool Math Worksheets & Printables

Topic: Preschool Math Worksheets & Printables

My First Number Flip Book

Small children like to learn new things especially if they are learning it in a fun way. Print this free activity book for free and try it out with your child. It is easy to make.

Print, cut out, cut pages along lines. 
Laminate and punch holes. 
Put the book together in order or mix them up. 
Hook it together with book rings. 
Have the children flip the pages to match the numbers.

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Re: Preschool Math Worksheets & Printables

Apple Clothespin Clip Cards


This is a 6 page pdf file. 
Inside you will find 5 sheets, each with 4 cards. Clothespin Clip Cards for the numbers 1 through 20: Count the apples on each card and clip a clothespin or paper clips to the correct number or circle the correct number with dry-eraser. 

Download: Apple Clothespin Clip Cards:

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Re: Preschool Math Worksheets & Printables

Presents Counting File Folder Game 1-5
Presents Counting File Folder Game 1-10



Print all the pages, cut out and laminate the game pieces. Laminate the activity sheets and glue it to the inside of the file folder. Glue directions and game label onto the front of the file folder. Add small pieces of Velcro to the activity sheet on the file folder. Add the other side of the Velcro to the back of the loose matching pieces. Store pieces in an envelope.
Count presents, and the correct number of presents or the number, place next to the corresponding math problem.

Download game pieces:

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