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Raising a Leader

Topic: Raising a Leader

Raising your child to be a leader is something probably every parent wants. A leader is usually considered to be successful and doing well in life and friendship. Who doesn't want that for her kid? Supporting your child's independent thinking from the beginning can encourage your child's natural leadership qualities. Some children are just born with more interpersonal skills, however if not you can still learn and grow into a leader. 

That is one of the biggest keys to a great leader is their interpersonal skills. So if your child was born this way lucky you. If not, that is okay too! You'll just want to pay special attention to instilling leadership skills as your child grows. 

A big way to grow leadership skills in your child is to give them an opportunity or purpose to work on and improve on. Think of something meaningful like volunteering or visiting nursing homes to visit the old folks. These kinds of things are great activities to start with you little one even as a toddler. It is amazing what your child can retain at such a young age. Amazing and also sometimes scary how much they really understand. 

Another big aspect of raising a leader is letting them make decisions. Even if you start out with little decisions like milk or chocolate milk. Maybe just start out with getting them to choose their own outfit the day. 

So the last thing that is pretty important is sometimes a hard one however try not to over compliment your little one.  If we are always telling them how great they do, for every tiny thing, our word will start to become something that they need and it will also lose part of its value.


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