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DIY Fall Decor - Fun Toddler Activity

Topic: DIY Fall Decor - Fun Toddler Activity


DIY fall decor is one of the smartest DIY projects. Fall isn't one major holiday like Christmas but the season still deserves some nice new decor for your household to happily/excitedly transition into fall... and then unfortunately winter.

Either way I was bringing my daughter out to the backyard for some fresh air and sunshine. Her favorite game is to take a little bucket or basket and collect "cool" stuff outside per toddler mindset.
So our most recent scavenger hunt included picking up pretty fallen leaves from the lawn or stomping the the super crunchy leaves! Even I got involved with the leaf crunching, and we both had fun.
Once we got back inside I had a ton of leaves all over my floor and just had to do something with them.

My Idea

I WANT TO SAY I THOUGHT OF THIS ALL ON MY OWN. No influence from Pinterest, fellow blogs, Instagram, or the likes of any of other similar sites. ..seriously think about the last creative thing, project, or idea you thought of and followed through with.
While my babycakes napped, I went back outside and gathered twigs to create the letters for my 'Original Idea Project'.

The materials needed are simple and can easily be found around the house or a local store. 


Twine or String
Leaves of course!

I started with the twigs and twine and wrapped the twine around the twigs and then just tucked in the end of it. This technique holds nicely and needs no other securing. When this step is complete the twigs should spell out 'FALL'. Next hang a long piece of twine off the bottom end of each letter. Tape as many leaves as you would like to the hanging twine and you're done! 

I hung mine up on two small nails in our kitchen. It really adds to the fall feel and makes the room a little more cozy.