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The Right Toys for the Right Age: 0-6 mo.

Topic: The Right Toys for the Right Age: 0-6 mo.


The zero to six month range is such a magical and special stage in life. That new baby smell, those late nights, the adorable giggles and squeals. The time flies by all too quickly so do enjoy every moment. At this early stage in your baby's life toys are non-essential. However I do encourage you to introduce age appropriate toys as soon as you the parent feels comfortable and your baby responds to them positively. 

That's what I'll go over here. As a new parent the whole thing can be sort of overwhelming. Especially in this brand new infant stage. Most of your time is filled with worrying about why your baby is crying. "He's been fed, he already burped twice, I know his bum is dry... why on earth do you still cry?" Every parent has said this from time to time. However it's not always that way, and I guarantee your little one will not stay that little forever. So enjoy the moments your baby is content and happy. That's when you try to introduce a toy, or just a new sound, smell, or feeling. At this age your infant is just discovering themselves and the world around them. It's best to keep playtime simple as your little one is just learning hand-eye coordination. 

  • Rattles - at the earliest stages it is great to rattle in front of your baby for sound and to stimulate eye movement. As soon as you can encourage your little one to grasp the rattle. *Just be careful they don't hit themselves, they're still new at this!

  • Mobiles - these are a great option because your infant probably isn't very mobile themselves!

  • Soft/Plush Anything - I mean everyone loves soft plush things... but your baby will probably love them the most at this stage. Enjoy!


Re: The Right Toys for the Right Age: 0-6 mo.

Black & White Infant Stimulation Toys

Small babies can see from birth, but not as clearly as an older child or adult. Until they are about six months they can only see black, and white, and can only see 8-12 inches in front of them. So they are unable to see color and are extremely near-sighted. That is why important to give small babies black & white stimulation toys that offer enough stimulation for eye development. 
Black and white toys will hold babies attention.

You can make your own black and white toys. See examples:

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