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Family time is important

Topic: Family time is important


Family time is a very important part of life this time is for tradition, making memories, laughing, and enjoying each other. To me family quality time is cooking, indoor, outdoor activities, decorating for holidays, or just watching TV and movies together by doing this we're able to talk about anything and everything because it's a relaxed environment it definitely keeps the line of communication open and lets the children know your interested in their lives.  

Now this means the whole family of all ages, why I feel it's great for self-esteem, it shows your love is equal among all siblings, and teaches how to work as a team everyone brings their own good qualities and build a stronger family bond.

Family time has strengthen my family by planning and setting aside time to share with my kids really have them opening up, and never afraid to talk to me or their dad. We are making long life times of fun, funny, and loving memories it also help me to be a better role model it let everyone show their leader skills in different activities, and I more supportive of their interest by talking.

Life is stressful enough on adults just as well kids so I say family time is fun time it let you be relaxed and silly and it leaves a lasting impression on your kids and spouse and its something that can be passed down from one generation to the next you will be remember way into the next life. If you feel you never have the time try my five time rules driving time, bath time, mealtime, TV time and church. All great starting points to build bonds with kid, and spouse as a group or individually.