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Teen Dating

Topic: Teen Dating


Teen dating what is a responsible age 13, 14, 15 or 16 to let your teenager start dating. For me I believe it varies with the maturity of individual teens, I asked my teenager question like why you feel your ready to date, how would you deal with a break up, do you share a common interest with the person you're crushing on. As a parent once my kids cross over to teenager our conversation got more intense an less sugar coated all facts and experience if any I want to prepare my teens with as much resource and knowledge as I can. 

Did you know because of the new technology we as parents are more out the loop, can you remember back when you tried to beat your parents to the phone first because you know you give a little boy your number to call and your mom would ask him all kinds of question before you could even get the phone and there was no privacy on a house phone. Well now all kids have phone and we my never know when the dating starts what plans are being made or are they sharing pics this gets so much bigger form the 90's. Teens are hooking up everywhere from snap chat to instagram some study say teens can start dating as young as 12 years of age I wouldn't really call this dating for kids ages 12 to 15 it's a crush because parents are still driving the group around so they can meet up with friends at a local hang out.

Now I will say for our 16, 17, 18, and 19 year old it gets a little more complex most of them have license and dating an hooking up now goes into a new level of peer pressure, physical, mentally, and emotionally for teen in this range. All about who's putting out, who house going to have the party while the parents are away, so much to deal with right?  Let me share some of my ways with dealing with my teens dating and having opposite sex over the house I have a home alarm system camera are in the basement, living room, kitchen, dining room, and one in the hallway facing all bedroom entrance their privacy is in their rooms, you say to much No! how many of you parents have came home and something was missing or miss place if you have good kids and openness this should not be a problem your just protecting the home you live in from break in but you also can monitor the teens and their friends too if we can give them the electronic we should be just as able to use them too.

Finally I know this is a big change but try these little steps to keep the bond open, be kind don't judge, set rules and if you know you teens this should be a good but crazy time they are almost adults.