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kids playing alone away from home

Topic: kids playing alone away from home

What's a good age to allow your children to walk to a friends house or go to the local playground just a few blocks from home that's what I'm dealing with now. There is so much to take into consideration like being kidnap, getting hit by a car, being bullied, or just getting hurt. so what do you do, how do you make this judgement call for our 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 year olds because in school they teach our kindergarten and first grader about stranger danger and how to be independent but I feel this to be dealt with in stages.

 Now my child is seven years old and wants to walk to school, go to the playground, and to his cousin house by himself, granted they are all within a 4 to 6 block radius but some studies show that's when most accident happen.

Well I have some simple rules that's helping me before I'm going to allow my seven year old child to go off allow. First they need to be eye level with the biggest vehicle on the street from a Cadillac Escalade to a Lincoln Navigator call me crazy or just being careful but now days there are just to many distraction cellphones, GPS, car radios, and young drivers all these things make it a risk for any pedestrian of all ages to be outside walking.

So as a parent this is truly your call only you know your child's capability, but I would say whenever or whatever age you feel is okay I would secretly follow them just to make sure they are following the rules you set looking both ways before crossing, or not talking to stranger. So you can have some peace of mind, and to see if they are truly ready for so much freedom.