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5 Drinks that Help with Weight Loss

Topic: 5 Drinks that Help with Weight Loss

I would like to share 5 drinks that are known to help with weight loss. It does not matter if you are actively trying to lose weight, or just want to at least try something. Choosing one or several of these drinks may help you in your weight loss journey. 

I just want to say before I get into this. No matter your body type your are a beautiful person. Yes, maybe there are things you think you need to work on. But your body image is not the only thing about you. Everyone has a genuine good quality about them. Love yourself to better yourself. 


Detox water is probably one of the most popular drinks. The most common version of detox water includes cucumber slices, lemon juice, and sometimes a sprig of mint. The cucumber is an anti-inflammatory and helps your body stay hydrated. 
Staying hydrated is one of the most important things when working towards losing weight. Our bodies are made up of mostly water and we need to support that. It's easy to become dehydrated with so many sugary and salty drinks out there. So I suggest keep it simple and stick with mostly water bases. Better yet, drink just WATER is my number one suggestion! However I'm a human being too, and think that totally sucks. The goal here is to add flavor while integrating a beneficial weight loss element. 
The lemon water I have on the list is my personal favorite. You can choose to add fresh squeezed lemon juice which is the best, or add store bought lemon juice. Lemon water is more meant to boost your metabolism and combat bloating. Moving on to my next pick is the coconut water. Most people love the flavor of coconut water and coconut has an extensive list of benefits. Coconut water is a good option for people maybe having a hard time giving up sweet, sugary drinks. Green tea is last on the list, however one of the most beneficial in my opinion.

  1. Water

  2. Detox Water

  3. Lemon Water

  4. Coconut Water

  5. Green Tea