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Teething Babies

Topic: Teething Babies

Most babies start teething between 4 to 6 months and did you know baby's are born with all twenty of their teeth under the gums. Parents we just need to keep our babies as comfortable as possible during this stage, there are many things you can do to soothe a baby but you need to know the signs and symptoms of a irritated baby.

Signs a baby is teething- Common teething signs are drooling, fussing, sensitive gums, trouble sleeping, and some fever but all these symptoms are based on parents opinions I don't believe facts.

Things you can do- Your baby is pretty uncomfortable now so here are a few thing you can try to claim you infant like try using a cool rag and rub their gums, or use your fingers, a cool teething ring work just as good too. If your baby a little older and do solids try giving them popsicles or yogurt, I even given my child a chicken bone just make sure it's picked clean they would be happy for hours. Medication wise I loved the tablets better the oral gel but both are good.

so whatever you choose just try to make your little one as comfortable as possible.



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Re: Teething Babies

My 1-year-old had a mouth full of teeth before she could even talk. She started teething right between 4 and 6 months. She didn't have a lot of teething pain, thank God! But the baby Oragel was our best friend for the rare occasions that she did have pain.