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Cleaning Tip #1

Topic: Cleaning Tip #1

Moms are busy people. We have a lot of things going on, and usually multi-tasker is our middle name. So if there is anything that can make the chores in our life easier, simpler, or quicker; I say do it!

I'm going to share the most useful cleaning hacks I have found over the years. There are a ton of useful cleaning hacks out there. However that's just the thing there are a BUNCH of cleaning tips on the internet, and from family and friends. So what works? What is a waste of time? What could make your mess worse?! I want to share here at least the ones I know work well. 

The first most useful cleaning tip I've found is for my carpet:


 Materials Needed: Vinegar, Warm Water, Spray Bottle, Towel or Rag, and an Iron.

First fill a spray bottle with water and vinegar. Spray the stained area liberally. Let set for several minutes with the rag over it. At this point you'll want to get your iron. Turn it to the steam setting and start steaming the rag over the stain for a minute or so. This should lift most of the stain, and it does not repeat the process. The point is to mostly lift the stain before you even have to scrub. Hopefully you'll barely have to scrub at all. 

I must clarify this is for organic stains only, like food, dirt, or pet mess. I find those types of stains are the most common on my carpet anyways. So this cleaning tip is a go to for me every time some tramps in their dirty shoe prints over my nice carpet. IF you use this cleaning hack on other non-organic stains you could just make them worse! Keep this in mind with most cleaning tips. 

Is carpet stain removal one of the hardest things to clean for you? What do you do to clean them?