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Quick & Easy Cleansing Tea ~ Ginger Lemon

Topic: Quick & Easy Cleansing Tea ~ Ginger Lemon

Drink hot water, lemon, and fresh ginger slices for a rejuvenated a light body.


The first thing about this cleansing drink is the FRESH ginger. Fresh ginger has so many health benefits starting with an overall digestive aid. Ginger has been considered one of the best spices for over 4000 years. Not only is ginger a great digestive aid, it's also useful for preventing nausea. I find for myself that just the smell of ginger helps me if I feel nausea. Fresh ginger really does always have the best smell. Once it's all chopped up of course. 

This ginger lemon tea is a great body cleanser, leaving you energized after usually my first tea! I try to drink it daily, and that's what has really helped me keep up my energy. 

Ginger also carries anti-inflammatory properties, which can help with a vast array of things like arthritis, heart disease, and general joint pain. 

Amazingly ginger has also been known to ease migraines even more effectively than common migraine medications. A lot of times the natural remedy works better, with less side effects if any. Sometimes the reason you get a migraine in the first place is because you are going through your menstrual cycle. I know that is usually the case with me. It's like a warning sign I'll be getting my period soon. The most crippling migraine that normal ibuprofen or the like cannot help. 

So I turn to fresh ginger lemon tea. Make you tea as you desire, however I strongly suggest using fresh ginger slices, and squeezing fresh lemon juice into hot purified water. 

I'm one of those people that love to boil water and steep the tea in a tea pot. I really think it makes the flavor come out more. 

Have you bought, or made tea like this before? Do you drink it for any of these reasons or just because you like it?