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Fun Saturday Meals

Topic: Fun Saturday Meals

Saturday is a day of rest and relaxing no school, homework, or work for some. So what would make a good dinner? Something the whole family can partake in and my six year old lives for the weekend were he can be in the kitchen helping prepare dinner and the older ones enjoy it too. So here are some of my family favorite Saturday meals their easy, quick, not messy, but inexpensive an fun best of all can be made with leftover meals as well.
The family sandwich wrap made with flour tortilla shells and all your favorite lunch meat or fresh veggie serve with yellow rice a meal that can be pick on all day because you get eight wraps in a pack so that makes 18 half sandwiches fully filled with all your tasty fixing. And who don't have crescent rolls or biscuits at home that left over pepperoni and provolone cheese, or mozzarella sticks make the perfect pizza rolls so why call Pizza Hut or Domino's when you can do it yourself for less.

Now my family all time favorite is our famous mini slider everyone believes they're master chiefs,  anything and everything go into a slider in my house we have our secrete sauces and special ingredients. And I can't leave out our egg rolls all made with leftover like my chicken, ricotta cheese, and spinach, or my shrimp, cabbage, and carrots or all veggies. Bet I got you thinking now with all the meals you cook all week long you'll think twice before you throw out that half of chicken or the last to breast no one finished just cut it up and freeze till Saturday. I hope this get your wheels turning and just think of all the money you'll save and all the food you wouldn't be wasting.

Saturday's should be fun and relaxing with very few dishes or clean up and the whole family gets to be together and just have fun I do live for the weekend happy Friday I bet you know what will be doing.