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Depression is real

Topic: Depression is real

Depression is real and can sometime destroy a family and everyone around that person can be affected by it. So can you live with a person who suffer with this condition? What can you do to be supportive and understanding to them? But you need to know what your dealing with and learn how to adjust to their way of life and living it's not that bad and sometime it can be control.

What is Depression- Depression is a brain disorder that affect a person mood or loss of interest in daily activities and life struggles. Depression can last for days or weeks and will keep a person from normal function like cooking, cleaning, bathing, sleeping, eating and so much more.

Who are affected- Study say more women are affected then men. I wonder why could it be the fact that we do just as much as men and more. The Children and spouses suffer, co-worker and neighbors, yourself suffer if you have a daily job or have to be around people everyday too.

 How does this affected life- Most people life are destroyed by this it impairs ones ability to eat, sleep, work, or inter act with family it really makes one anti sociable.

What can you do- Encourage those with this mental illness to get help. Give emotional support and don't judge or accuse them of faking.  And please don't point out their mood or faults because a person with depression is already doing these thing to themselves. 

Depression is real and can affect all ages, sex, and race anyone can suffer with this and if it you please remember this. It's not your fault, your not alone, you will feel better soon, don't lose hope and get help so you can take care of yourself. Much love from me to you.