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Cleaning Tip #2 - Microwave

Topic: Cleaning Tip #2 - Microwave

Cleaning a microwave is one of the worst jobs, that I usually put off way too long. It takes forever to scrub, and has hard angles to scrub. Overall one of the worst chores in the kitchen in my opinion. It has to be done though, and I was fed up with my method. So I searched until I found this…

Water. Vinegar. Steam. 


You’ll also want on hand a microwavable bowl, a sponge, and a toothpick (I’ll explain the toothpick in a minute). 

First fill the bowl mostly with water and a couple cap fulls of vinegar. I don’t measure, so work out the ratio that works best for you. Also it can help to put an essential oil or just lemon juice in there to help with the smell. 

The toothpick is used to help form bubbles. If the bowl is somehow perfectly smooth the water is less likely to boil and could just explode up one time. Sort of cleaning, but with the toothpick in there the water will boil. This causing steam from the vinegar mixture will remove any food, grease, stains, and grossness from the insides of your microwave. 

So depending on your microwave you’ll want to turn it on high for 2 -4 minutes initially and longer if needed.

Grab your sponge at the end and easily wipe off any leftover food. This is the fastest and easiest way I’ve found to clean my microwave. 

Did this tip help you? How do you usually clean your microwave? Have other great tips for this? Share them!