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What to do with all the extra crayons?!

Topic: What to do with all the extra crayons?!


I try to keep my daughter's toys and crafts organized. Once I really organized all her craft and art supplies I found that she had a ton of extra crayons that did not fit in their container. At some point you have all the colors. You really don't need any more crayons. Every time I have extra of something I always try to figure out a way to 'Upcycle' it. Or do some kind of fun project. In this project you can use up all the duplicate colors and even the broken crayons. This project is probably best to do without your child or with an older kid. The most helpful thing about making this can is it cleans out the art box! 

So preferably you'll want to have a hot glue gun and get that warmed up. If you don't I'm sure you could improvise with a glue stick. Find some kind of pretty ribbon you want to use as well and you'll use that to wrap around the can and crayons once finished. 

So first get your crayons all laid out. If you are super picky you can lay them out in a pretty pattern. I think it's fun to just place them at random. 

Get your can out, whatever can you want to use. Glue the crayons upright onto the outside of the can. As soon as all the crayons are glued all the way around the can use the ribbon. Tie the ribbon around the can and make a bow. This will also help hold all the crayons in place. 

At this point let set for a while before using it. The fun part is once this can is done you could use it to store the remainder of your crayons!