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What to do when your child gets hurt

Topic: What to do when your child gets hurt

No mom ever wants to deal with that moment when her kid gets hurt. However it's bound to happen. So it's best to be prepared.


As soon as the hurt happens whatever that may be, figure out if they are REALLY hurt. That's the most important part, is this an emergency room visit, or just a bump on the head? As long as it's just a bump on the head or similar here's some good tips to comfort your upset hurt child. 

Fortunately my daughter is all into doctor stuff right now so she really to be tough when she gets hurt. Although she has her times when she just breaks down crying, sometimes it's because she got scared as well she fell, or just getting hurt sucks. So as a mom it's our job to be there and try to help our little ones through their tough times. 

Once you know they really are not that hurt, hug them, hold them, comfort them. Kiss their boo-boo better. Help them breath, just breathing in and out to calm the crying. 

That is the goal here, to calm the crying! Breathing usually helps and then if she's up to it I do try and take the time to explain why she got hurt and how maybe she could avoid that in the future. 

If breathing does not work, I skip to plan B! Distract. Change the subject, and the mood. Find their favorite book, toy, or show and get their minds on to something else. Sometimes I will just start singing a song I know she likes. Moms have to get creative, especially in times like this. 

If none of that works... good luck!


Are there any other tricks moms use in this situation?