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Tending to the Common Bellyache

Topic: Tending to the Common Bellyache


Taking care of the common bellyache can be hard. You'll want to make sure it really is a "common" stomach ache and does not require medical attention. Something like maybe that ate a food that upset their stomach, or have a 24 hour flu. 

*Keep an eye on how often and specifically what your child ate that made them sick. This will help in ruling out any allergies. 

Keep them hydrated with good liquids. Water and real juices, broth is also a great option. If you have a homemade broth recipe share it here! I know at least I would love it smile 

If your child is of potty training age this can be a hard time. If your child has an accident while they are sick to their stomach do not scold them. Let them know accidents happen and to try to make to the potty as soon as possible every time. 

Resting is key, and not jostling their bellies. Sometimes this is hard when they are little and just want to play. An even harder task if you have an infant. It may seem they are crying for no reason. You know your baby, so you'll figure out they could be crying of a bellyache. Water and comfort.

I swear by bellyache tea. It always helped me and my daughter. Start kids off at a young age drinking tea and they will appreciate it as the years go on. 

Chamomile tea is another great natural soother for a tummy ache. 

Kids are resilient and feed off of your energy. They will usually feel better within 24 hours, however during the time the are not feeling well still try to go through your normal day with them as much as possible. Don't make them WANT to be sick because they get waited on hand and foot if you get what I mean.