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Warding off a Cold

Topic: Warding off a Cold

What happens when one of your family members comes home with a cold? Can you possibly avoid the entire family getting sick too? Maybe not always, however I would like to share some tips on how to try and ward off the nasty cold. 

The BIGGEST most obvious way to ward off a cold is wash your hands often! If the germs can't get to you they can't get you sick right? There are a lot of other factors that can help, but keep washing your hands on the top of the list. 

The next most important thing is to strengthen the body's immune system. If your fist defenses of avoiding the germs don't work and you actually end up coming in contact with cold germs; your body needs to be able to fight off the virus. Eating protein-rich foods helps your body make antibodies that fight colds. So what are protein-rich foods? 

Here is a starter list to go by:

  • lean meats, turkey, wild game without skin

  • poultry

  • fish

  • pork

  • beans

Some other great protein rich snacks are:

  • Nuts, especially pistachio nuts.

  • Yogurt

  • Egg salad

The point is eat healthy and your body can fight off a normal cold. Also please drink plenty of water, just straight clean clear water. The suggested amount per day is eight 8-ounce glasses.

Lastly I will say just clean your house a little extra. Hit the every single handle you can think of in the house with some kind of anti-bacterial cleaner. 

Okay that's it, let me know what else you do to keep from getting those nasty colds!