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DIY birthday present for boy - Dragon in the Jar

Topic: DIY birthday present for boy - Dragon in the Jar

My 13 years old son is obsessed with dragons, so when his birthday was coming to, his little sister wanted to give him a dragon. We were searching on the Internet what we can do and we decided to make a dragon in the jar. 


It was easy to make. We printed out the dragon silhouette, found a nice looking jar, and:
First, mixed the white glue and white acrylic paint, which we poured into the jar, and made sure that all sides of the jar were covered with the mixture.


After that, we covered the lid and top of the jar with brown acrylic paint. It had to look ugly, sticky, kind of dragon saliva looking. When the paint was dry, we applied some glue on the lid and top of the jar and put green glitter on it too. 


Inside we put small stones and glued in the dragon silhouette. At the end, we decorated our jar with stones and leaves.

It turned out great, my son likes it and it is a nice decoration in the boy's room.