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Are your kids bored during summer vacation?

Topic: Are your kids bored during summer vacation?

Hi YepMoms, summer vacation is here! Have you ever wondered what will you do with your children all summer? Did you plan camps and lots of activities for your children to keep them busy? Or are you just letting them do what they want? 


When I was searching for the summer activities for my children to do, I came across an article which said "It's really OK for kids to be bored sometimes. Kids are so busy these days they have no time to think, to dream, or create. Most kids (and parents) fall back on technology, but what else can they do? /http://community.today.com/" or this "Parents often feel guilty if children complain of boredom. But it’s actually more constructive to see boredom as an opportunity rather than a deficit. /http://theconversation.com/". And here I read all I had to know: "Unstructured time also challenges children to explore their own passions. If we keep them busy with lessons and structured activity, or they "fill" their time with screen entertainment, they never learn to respond to the stirrings of their own hearts, which might lead them to build a fort in the back yard, make a monster from clay, write a short story or song, organize the neighborhood kids into making a movie, or simply study the bugs on the sidewalk (as Einstein reportedly did for hours). These calls from our heart are what lead us to those passions that make life meaningful, and they are available to us beginning in childhood -- but only when children are given free rein to explore and pursue where their interests lead them. /ahaparenting.com/"

So this summer I will definitely leave my children the time to be bored without any electronics. I will see how they will adapt to it.

How your children will spend their free summer time?
Did they created, or built something? Did they learn something new this summer?