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Stick Raft Building - Easy activity to do with children.

Topic: Stick Raft Building - Easy activity to do with children.

Today I want to share with you what made my 9 year-old daughter with her brother.


Usually, we spend the weekends walking in the woods with our children. We all love the time spent together just to walk, observe, see animals, bugs etc. Last time my daughter collected dry sticks the way home. The next day, she decided to build a small raft from the sticks:

First, she broke the sticks with the hands, approximately the same length. 
The children tied eight sticks together on both ends and four cross pieces with string, and then fastened them together with hot glue to make it last longer.
Then, between two sticks in the middle of the raft deck, they pushed one stick for the mast and fastened it with hot glue. At the end, my daughter made from the red paper nice sail, and they were ready to try it out in a small stream.