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Night time activities - Glow in the Dark game ideas

Topic: Night time activities - Glow in the Dark game ideas

Do you know more fun for children than Night Time Activity? 
I brought you today some Glow in the Dark game ideas 
to enjoy it with your children. 

1. Night Bowling


Glow sticks are the secret behind this nighttime game that the kids will love!
You will need:

10 water bottles
10 glow sticks in a variety of colors
Soccer ball read more.

2. Tron Light Disc Toss


In the world of Tron, Light Discs are indispensable and powerful weapons. 
No “program” should be without one. This craft lets kids create their own 
Light Discs and then test their tossing skills in a spin on the classic ring toss party game.

You will need:

Materials for Light Discs (makes 4 Light Discs): 2 – 12″ x 18″ pieces black stiffened felt, such as East Felt
4 Pieces adhesive backed felt, neon colors
Adhesive backed felt letters, for decorating
Fabric paint in neon colors, for decorating
Materials for Pegboards:: 3 – 7-inch round wooden plaques (found at craft supply stores)
3 – 12-inch long wooden dowels, each 1/2-inch in diameter
Glow-in-the-dark acrylic paint, assorted colors
3 nails
Adhesive backed felt numbers

3. Glow in the dark volleyball


You will have to do some advance planning and gather 
the following equipment for your glow in the dark game.

Purchase glow in the dark tape to wrap around volleyball, 
beach ball, plastic play ball or purchase a real glow in the dark volleyball. 


Re: Night time activities - Glow in the Dark game ideas

Oh, yes, my boys love the glow in the dark games. 
Especially when they can wear glowsticks and glow in the dark glasses:

https://yepmom.com/img/m/7885/59e5c6825a9165.37280560.jpg  https://yepmom.com/img/m/7885/59e5c70f11c030.36043784.jpg

and can color themselves with glow in the dark face and body paint.