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12 weeks pregnant what to expect

Topic: 12 weeks pregnant what to expect

Your uterus has risen into wherever your healthcare provider is now able to feel the very best of this (the fundus) lower on your stomach, just above your pubic bone. You could already be sporting maternity clothing, particularly if this is not your first pregnancy. Even when you're not prepared for a brand new wardrobe, you have no doubt discovered your waist is straightened and that you are more comfortable at loose, not as restrictive clothes.

You may start to sense heartburn (also referred to as acid reflux), a burning sensation which often goes from the base of your breastbone to a lower neck. A lot of ladies receive heartburn for the first time while pregnant, and people who've already had spells of heartburn might discover that it becomes worse.

Especially when you are lying, the esophageal acid may float up to the tube, which results in the uncomfortable burning feeling. For a lot of women, heartburn does not start (or make worse) until later in pregnancy, even if your growing uterus begins to push in your gut. The distress may vary from mildly bothersome to extreme and be deflecting.