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Review and comment on any website!

Topic: Review and comment on any website!

Review and comment on any website!


Read real comments before you purchase. Find out what others say about the website you visit...

★ With this extension, you can read and write reviews on every website.

Shop safely! - Our points are to help you to shop safely!

This extension helps you create Customer Reviews on Amazon.com and eBay.com and on every other shopping websites in many countries. This is another way to write and read real reviews before you shop online.

Here are some of the benefits:

- Write and read Amazon product reviews!

- Write and read eBay product reviews!

- Write and read Best Buy product reviews!

- Write and read YouTube video reviews!

- Read website feedback.

- Read what your visitors write about your website or product!

- And answer your website visitors question/comments!

**** Extension FAQ ****

Q: What is the benefit of this Chrome extension?

A: This extension can help you to discover possible frauds, and gives you safe opportunities to shopping online or even downloading free software or other products online.

Q: How this Extension work?

A: This extension adding a button at the right side of every website. If you click on that button, a Facebook wall plugin will open. On this wall, you can write a review. You can write positive or even negative reviews of your choice.

Q: So basically I can write the complaint with this extension?

A: Yes, If you didn't get what you paid for or if a website has a bad support, you can write bad comments so other visitors can see it before we decide to shop on the website. But you can also write good comments. If you are happy with the website, you can write your review and other people will see your recommendation.

Q: Can website visitors rating websites with this extension?

A: No, Website visitors can only post comments.

Q: If I comment on a website will my information will be public such as email address, IP address or other personal information?

A: No, you don't have to use any personal information. The extension uses Facebook wall plugin so the only information is visible about you is your public Facebook name.

Q: Do I need to also post my review on Facebook?

A: When you writing your review, there is a checkbox "Also post on Facebook"It's highly recommended to check the checkbox so all your Facebook friends can read your review and they can share it or even add a comment to it. 

Q: Can webmasters or website moderators delete my review?

A: No, the reviews made with this extension, cannot be deleted by webmasters or website moderators.

Q: This extension also useful for webmaster, website SEO, blog owner or YouTube channel owner too?

A: Yes, this extension is very useful to webmaster and website SEO because webmaster and website SEO can see and monitor all posted reviews on their website. So this is also a good SEO tool. And recommended installing to all website owner. Its also recommended installing if you own a blog or other type of websites. Even if you own a YouTube channel because with this extension users can post a review on your YouTube channel and also on each of your YouTube video pages. 

Q: In case of any error how can I reload the wall?

A: The extension has a refresh button at the left side at the top. By clicking that refresh button the extension reloading the wall content. So in case of any error, you can use that button.

Q: This extension also allows me to chat with other website visitors?

A: Yes, however, this is not a chat extension, you can live chat with anyone who is currently visiting the website. This is not actually live chat, Is more like forum or message board opens from the right site b a click on a button. You can write many messages as you want you can even reply to other comments or like and comments. You can post a comment on the domain or on any single page of the domains (website).

Q: Can I use this extension on any website worldwide on any domains, website?

A: Yes, you can use this extension with Amazon.com, eBay.com or even any other website like Walmart, Newegg, QVC, BestBuy, Overstock, Zappos, Rakuten, AliExpress, Barnes & Noble, Target or others worldwide shopping websites. You can even use this extension with yahoo.com, bing.com or even msn.com. Its even works with forums or blogs or personal websites or YouTube channels. Its not matter if is a big or small the company or the website. With this extension, you can leave reviews on any website worldwide.

Q: Anyone can read and write a review?

A: Yes, Everyone can read and write reviews who also installed this extension. It's highly recommended that you share this extension to all your friends on Facebook and also on other social networks, so they can write their own reviews and read others reviews. The more people using this extension the better for users because they can see more reviews.

Q: How can I share this extension with all my friends?

A: In the extension comment wall, at the top, there are 4 social sharing buttons that you can use to share this extension. You can share with Facebook friends, Google plus find (G+), Twitter friends or VK (Russian social network).

Important Note: If you are shopping online, you do need this extension! This extension is very useful for a person, internet user worldwide who shops online. Also very useful to website visitors, store owners, webmasters, website SEO, website developers, software developers, online shoppers, bloggers, YouTube users (you-tubers), online forum users, video bloggers, anyone who are using online video game or if you buy video games online for offline use and any users that you can think of.

This extension connects users together on any website using the Facebook wall. It just connects online hoppers together for better safe online shopping.