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Amethyst Healing Properties

Topic: Amethyst Healing Properties

Concentration, Blood Cleansing, Blood Pressure Stabilization, Vascular Problems, Pain Relief, Stress Relief, Arthritis, Eczema, Aura Defending, Spirituality Development

 Amethyst Mineral is one of our strongest and most effective mineral, one of the 12 master crystals. Amethyst improves concentration, cleanses the blood, balances blood pressure, cleanses blood clots, and helps with vascular problems. It has a general analgesic effect, which is why it exacerbates migraine headaches and reduces psychological pain. It effectively relieves stress and balances its wearer. It can be used to treat swelling or skin diseases, relieve symptoms of eczema and reduce pain caused by arthritis. It stimulates the functioning of the pancreas and stimulates the immune system.

Our ancestors considered it a strong soothing and spiritual stone. If a clean, clear amethyst is placed under our pillow, it provides a soothing, deep sleep. It speeds up our spiritual development, helps us in the clear vision of intuitions. It connects the physical, mental, emotional body with the spiritual. It converts negative energies, thus cleansing and protecting your aura. It gives you peace of mind and confidence. It is forbidden to use if you have paranoid schizophrenia.

Therapeutic effects: 
Amethyst is used to get rid of alcohol or drug addiction. 

It acts relaxing and relieving us of sleeplessness and taking care of the good dreams when placed on a night table or close to the head. 

When the headaches are stressful, the stone is warmed up and put on the head. 

Amethyst detoxifies the organism. 

It is used to relieve various other pains, also in the treatment of hair, skin (acne) and teeth. Helps with problems associated with breathing difficulties and lungs, digestive problems (such as stomach or intestinal area), neurotic manifestations (hysteria, phobia, fury) and epilepsy.


It is most effective to wear it as a jewel, but it can be a very effective partner when it comes to meditation.