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Rose Quartz

Topic: Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is a stone of love, kindness, affection, compassion, goodness, understanding, friendship, patience, empathy. 

It is considered the strongest stone in terms of love, beauty, and healing. 
In relationships, he strengthens partner loyalty but also helps to find happiness in love. 
It is said that whoever has it, they are loved, more affectionate, more pleasant. 
It deepens the imagination, the perception of all the beautiful. 
He treats deep mental wounds, injured emotions, helps the lonely and abandoned. 
It brings peace and harmony to the environment. 
It promotes tolerance, self-alignment, and sealing, as well as love and openness to others. 
It helps with anorexia because it promotes self-acceptance. 
It protects us not only from internal negative energy - envy, roughness, dirt, hate, etc. but also on the external energy level - from electromagnetic radiation (TV, computers, mobiles, microwaves).
Environmental technicians have found that Rose Quartz vibrations can reduce the power of the electromagnetic field of mobile phones by as much as 85%!