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How to take care of the Rose Quartz

Topic: How to take care of the Rose Quartz

Clean Rose Quartz by placing it for 3-5 minutes under lukewarm running water (do so before first use and then regularly 2-4 times a month as needed). If you wear it every day you should wash it more often, but also after some conflict, negative energy exchange, energy attack, stress, and so on. The stones absorb energy from the environment, purifying them with the water free them from negative energy.

Charging: Place the cleaned  Rose Quartz on clean white paper that you put on the window sill (best outside, but if it is not enough, it also suits the inside). On it, let the  Rose Quartz go all night in the moonlight (the strongest charge is at the end of the month, but all its phases are effective). Some stones can also be charged in sunlight, but many of them are sensitive to the sun and may change their color. Charging with moonlight is universal for all types of stones.